A Divine Love Alone ch01

Rated: Safe

Satoka is the daughter of a local shrine and lives together with Kotori, who may look like a normal and energetic girl, but is actually a matchmaker god in training. This series is about them, Satoka’s chilhood friend Shiori and the mysterious Hiwa dealing with their everyday lives and the relationships around them.

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  1. Posted on October 9, 2013 at 10:11 pm by colonywars

    Hym… Looks interesting :) How many chapters where already published? At baka-updates this series is ongoing and it is from 2011… Thank You for translation:)

  2. Posted on October 9, 2013 at 10:24 pm by Ephidel

    Interesting indeed.

  3. Posted on October 9, 2013 at 10:36 pm by Phyis

    @colonywars: I’ve updates manga updates. It’s complete at 2 volumes.

  4. Posted on October 9, 2013 at 11:11 pm by Severa

    was a nice read hope to see more soon =o

  5. Posted on October 10, 2013 at 9:42 am by colonywars

    @ Phyis: Thank You! :D

  6. Posted on October 11, 2013 at 8:03 pm by 5Cats

    OMG! She’s adorable! If only I were 15 again! And, you know, a manga character…

  7. Posted on October 12, 2013 at 3:04 pm by utalapwrx

    Yaaay, yuri with supernatural elements! :D

  8. Posted on October 27, 2013 at 2:36 pm by Foxy Lady Ayame

    Oooooooh please finish scanlating this! It’s super sweet and cute!